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What is e-residency and what are its applications?

E-Residency is digital identification for a person who is not Estonian citizen and who does not permanently live here but would still like to use Estonia’s e-services like:

  • internet banking with all its possibilities
  • digital signing of documents and authenticity control of digitally signed documents
  • founding a company and submitting annual reports
  • managing a company online via e-Business Register
  • declaring taxes (this does not guarantee automatic tax residency)

E-residency security is at the highest level; our country is making sure that possible security problems are prevented. Estonian banks and Tax and Customs Board are engaged in developing a wider selection of digital services that are simpler and more flexible to use and can be provided for private persons and companies.

How to apply for e-residency?e-residentsus

  • Fill out an application, with added photograph, identification document copy, and explanation about why you wish to apply for e-residency.
  • Pay state fee of 100 euros  (Visa and MasterCard are suitable for payment).
  • Wait for response about your background check.
  • You can get your digital ID in Estonia or at any Estonian foreign embassy.

For more information about applying for e-residency please visit the official site.

What are benefits of e-residency and what must be taken into account?

  1. Founding a company is quick and simple, all procedures required can be completed in few minutes with Unicount (registration of a company usually takes one working day).
  2. All procedures with Estonian state institutions are digital.
  3. Digitally signed agreement is available for both sides a moment after it has been signed.
  4. Signing and submitting an annual report at Company Registration Portal takes only a couple of minutes.
  5. Opening a bank account at a bank of your choice means face to face meeting. Bank will conduct a background check for a non-resident, this usually takes 5-10 days.
  6. E-residency does not mean you become a tax resident of Estonia. To become a tax resident you have to apply for a residence permit and meet the criteria set for it.

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