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SAF programme

Accounting software SAF 6.9

We use accounting software SAF 6.9 to provide our accounting services. The accounting software based on MS SQL is much more than just an accounting programme.

SAF logoThis represents an economic way of thinking, utilising automated processes to help handle the reporting, monitoring of inventory, managing the duties of employees, and gaining an overview of the general financial state of affairs.

While standard accounting programmes have been developed by accountants and are primarily intended for accounting purposes, SAF is, in comparison, software developed for managers, which helps to organise the management of a company and the accounting as well.

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Who benefits from using the SAF programme?

SAF can be used for managing the accounting of small companies or for monitoring the inventory, documentation, projects and reporting of large companies. It is most often used by industrial or trade enterprises due to its diverse functionality.

Advantages and possibilities of SAF software

  • Suitable for enterprises of all sizes.
  • Submitting information and reporting is fast and easy.
  • Entering and processing reports is easy and flexible.
  • Automatic processes, from placing orders to purchase orders and income statements.
  • Users and their activities can be controlled and monitored.
  • The user is able to modify the structure of the database as needed.
  • Can be integrated with other systems, like the cash register, inventory, orders, etc.
  • E-accounting function allows updating and access to the data 24 hours a day.